About Wooden City Watches

Inspired by the elegance of the city, we aim to bring a touch of nature into our everyday lives by using the finest natural wood and minimalist designs. Wooden City allows you to wear the best of both worlds on your wrist.

We value the relationships we build and strive to make the moments we share more memorable. These ideals transfer to our work and show in the detail of each piece.

When you open a Wooden City box, the fresh wooden fragrance and luxurious feel will make it a moment to remember every time you put your watch on. The combination of the natural wood and our versatile designs make each watch as one-of-a-kind as the person wearing it.

We believe that time is of the essence and it is what you make of it! This is why our focus remains on offering unique timepieces with the highest quality craftsmanship and sustainable style.

If you want your watch to tell more than time – give Wooden City a try! 

Daniel Valverde